Semenax One Bottle USA imported
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Semenax One Bottle USA imported

Semenax One Bottle USA imported

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It’s time to turn up the intensity of your org-asms, and be the guy that shoots so hard you clear the room whenever you like. There are huge numbers of men out there just like you who want to perform better in bed, and plenty of women who love the feel and site of a strong ejacu lation. However, most men have no idea how to accomplish this.

Fill your lover until they’re OVERFLOWING with pleasure.
Increase the visual aesthetics of a big, powerful load, showing just how manly and virile you are.
You too can shoot Larger, Longer, HUGE loads using Semenax – the all-natural herbal supplement helping men unleash.
Increase the visual aesthetics of a Big, powerful load, showing just how manly and virile you are.
CLINICALLY PROVEN* to increase volume and intensity!

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Usage:- 2 capsules per day after meal one in morning and one in night

Item shipped:- One bottle Semenax 120 capsules

More Semen = an Amazing Orgasm!

Semenax® clients include guys from all over the world. ANY man can potentially be a Semenax® super-stud...though not all guys can handle this kind of extreme pleasure...Some of the more common Semenax® customers include:


  • Younger guys in their twenties and thirties who want to take their orgasms to new heights of pleasure, with the most intense climaxes they can imagine.
  • Men in their forties and fifties (and higher), who want to experience the explosive orgasms of their twenties or teens.
  • Guys who want to put power and more prolonged pleasure into an ordinary life.
  • Men who want to blow their partners away with awesome spraying power, shooting HUGE LOADS like you typically see in adult movies.



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